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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about vehicle interior upgrades, the materials we use, our online shop and the processing of your order. For legally binding contractual terms, please consult our Terms & Conditions of Business, which also contain legally mandated consumer information.

If you do not find the answer(s) to your question(s) on this page, you can of course contact us using our contact form or the contact data provided there. The list of Frequently Asked Questions is continually being extended.


Can you also replicate the stitching of vintage and classic cars?

Of course! We are able to produce any pattern our customers want. Either provide us with a sample for us to reproduce or choose from the many patterns we have created.

Do you offer beading?

We have a wide range of beading on offer. Whether on seats, the dashboard or door linings, coloured beading often provides the decisive individual touch in the refinement of your car interior.

How is the stitching determined?

In general, we differentiate between stitching that is structurally necessary and stitching that is purely decorative. Because components differ, there is no universally valid stitching path. We therefore discuss the stitching with you or communicate it to you graphically.

Do you modify the parts that are to be customised, or the adjacent parts, so that everything fits properly?

The components are reworked appropriately before customisation so that there will be no fit problems when they are reinstalled. Parts that you purchase from us will fit in your vehicle 1-to-1, so they don’t need to be reworked.

Can you also install my exhaust system or other exterior components?

Of course we will fit any parts you bought from us to your vehicle. Please ask about the cost of installation using our contact form or the contact details listed there.

Are deinstallation and installation included in the package prices?

Modification costs are not included in all packages. If you want the modification to be done in our workshop, we will charge for the various packages as follows:

Package 1: incl.
Package 2: EUR 550.00 (for removing and replacing glass, EUR +350.00)
Package 3: EUR 1,250.00
Package 4: EUR 1,550.00

Please use our contact form or the contact details listed there to arrange an appointment.

Can I also have my car dealer or an independent garage carry out the modification?

Of course! You have the following options for carrying out the modification on your vehicle:

  •     Remove and reinstall the components yourself.
  •     Have the garage of your choice remove and reinstall the components for you.
  •     Let us remove and reinstall the components for you.

If you want to have a complete customisation applied to your vehicle, we are happy to arrange transportation or you can bring the vehicle to us in person. If your preferred option is not listed, write and ask us. We will find the best solution for you.

Can you also embroider a logo for me?

Of course! Logos always provide a unique personal touch to the component, e.g. headrest. All we need is a vector image file for your logo. Please send an enquiry and we will provide you with an offer.

NOTE: We only embroider logos with your own copyright! We do NOT embroider logos from other brands or companies.

Can I choose the stitching path myself?

Sometimes. Generally speaking, there are two different types of stitching. On the one hand, we have stitching that is determined by the construction and integration of the material; on the other hand, we have purely decorative stitching.

  •     For this so-called decorative stitching, you can choose the path yourself or let our designer choose it for you.
  •     Structurally necessary stitching is determined and defined by our saddler.


Do you also have my exact yarn colours?

Just like the fabrics themselves — leather, Alcantara and artificial leather — the yarn colours are unique. Particularly when it comes to customising a dashboard, it is essential to choose the right yarn colours so that there is no deviation from the existing interior. Well-known manufactures like Mercedes, Audi and Porsche each have their own special colour tones. Whilst many companies can only offer “similar” colours, we guarantee to provide exactly the same colour tone.

Can the leather seam stitching be changed later?

Changing the stitching is only possible for components where the leather is not permanently attached. On seats, for example, the leather, as a rule, is stretched, so that a change of thread would normally be possible here. For the possibilities in a specific case, ask using our contact form contact form.

Do you also restore the interior of vintage and classic cars?

Of course!  Experience is not just needed with modern cars. Vintage and younger classic vehicles also call for a trained eye to recognise the sophistication and peculiarities. Older vehicles, for example a Porsche 356 or an Aston martin DB6, have their own “quirks”. The darts in the upholstery were not just a stylistic feature; they served to hide the imprecise stitching.

Does the application of leather impact the functionality of individual components, e.g. the airbag?

No. The removal and reinstallation of components is carried out by our certified personnel. This has no impact on the functionality of the components, because the characteristics of the components are not changed.

Will I see a difference between existing and upgraded components?

We have the same suppliers as the major manufacturers, meaning that we can obtain practically all specific materials in original manufacturer quality. Leather, artificial leather and Alcantara are standardised und should always have the same colour and quality. In rare cases, the colour and/or quality of a new or different batch can vary slightly.

Is it possible to restore the interior to its original state after the modification?

Not without significant effort. The materials are attached to most components and cannot be removed again.In order to restore the interior to its original state, the individual components will have to be replaced.

Can I just come by spontaneously, or do I always need to make an appointment in advance?

As manufacturers, the individual support of our customers has priority. We prefer appointments as they allow us to provide this support. We will, of course, also provide advice in a spontaneous visit — to the extent that time allows. To avoid waiting, though, please agree a non-binding appointment, so that we can plan sufficient time to answer your questions and address your wishes in a consultation.

Do you really customise all marques?

YES! We customise across the board. e.g. Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Smart, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Nissan, MINI, Lexus, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Fiat, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ford…



Are the materials guaranteed?

The materials we use, along with all other products we sell, naturally come with the legally mandated guarantee. Deliberate damage and incorrect use of the products and components is exempted from this guarantee.

Are your materials UV-resistant?

Our materials fulfil all the specifications relevant to their purpose. Temperature and UV resistance are always an issue in cars. We only use products that were designed and certified for use in cars and able to cope with extreme stress. This enables us to guarantee you plenty of time to enjoy your new components.

How robust are the individual materials, and how can they be cleaned and maintained?

The carbon is given a protective layer of varnish. This has the same characteristics as the paintwork on your vehicle. You can therefore use the same cleaning and care agents.

For Alcantara , we recommend that you only use water and avoid cleaning agents, as these can cause irreparable damabe to the fibres. Wipe the components to be cleaned with a moist (not wet) cloth. Be carefuly not to apply too much pressure to the components.

Cleaning tips are provided without guarantee and are based on our own experience.

Can I come and look at the materials in person?

You certainly can! Our showroom is open for you. For comprehensive advice, please make an appointment in advance. Our personnel will be happy to help you!



How and where can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by using your legal right of revocation. All you need to do is send an email or, if the goods have already been dispatched to you, simply refuse to accept the delivery and it will be returned to us. The legal details of right of revocation can be found in our Terms & Conditions of Business, under “Instructions on withdrawal”.

When will I receive my order?

We will notify you of the delivery time at the end of the order confirmation. If your order doesn’t arrive within that time, or if you do not receive dispatch confirmation, please send an email to our team: [email protected]. And please remember to include your customer number and/or order number.

If you send us an item to be customised, please be aware that the delivery period can only begin once your item has been sent to us.

What happens when at item is out of stock?

Normally, all the articles shown in our online shop are in stock and therefore available immediately. But nobody’s perfect, and it is possible, for example, that the very last item turns out to be damaged or incomplete. We don’t want to send or charge for a damaged or incomplete article, of course. If this is the case, we will let you know by email. In extremely rare cases, for organisational reasons, we are unable to provide a replacement. In this case, if you have already paid for an item, the price will be refunded immediately.

How can I pay?

We currently offer the following means of payment:

  • Bank transfer/advance payment
  • PayPal
  • Cash
How can I view or change my personal data?

Your name and address can be changed easily in your account profile.

I need help logging in to the online shop.

Please make sure you have used the correct email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, just request a new one. You can also send an email to [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you.

What are the benefits of registering as a customer?

Ordering with us is even easier and quicker for registered customers. Your address details are already entered on the order form. If you also choose to register for our email newsletter, we will keep you up to date and send you selected special offers. Your customer account gives you complete control of your orders and your personal data.

Why are some items suddenly not listed in the online shop any more?

We only show items that we have in stock and can deliver within the specified time. In rare cases, it may happen that particularly popular items are sold out in a very short time. Browse a little — you may find a suitable alternative in our range. Or just send us an email telling us what item you are looking for and we will take care of it.

Do you deliver abroad?

Of course! We deliver worldwide. Our competent sales partners offer premium service in many countries.

Will you customise the parts I provide, or will I get new parts?

If you want us to customise and refine a new component, just ask. We will try to acquire it for you.

What is the procedure for sending an article in?

1. Configure the article in our online shop.

After payment has been processed, send the article to:

Neidfaktor GmbH
Ludwig- Meyn-Straße 18
25469 Halstenbek

(Please make sure you always send articles with a tracking ID so that they can be traced. Please always include a cover note with your details in the parcel.)

2. Once we have received your article and payment, we will start work on the customisation.
3. Once the customisation is complete, the article will be sent back to you.

I cannot find any articles for my car?!

Our online shop contains just a sample of our product portfolio. We customise across the board.

Whether it’s a Porsche, a Volkswagen or a Mercedes, we customise anything that makes sense and is technically possible.

Do you only modify vehicles that are listed in your online shop?

No. We customise any marque. We can customise and modify any vehicle, regardless of make. Enquiries about modifications should be made using our contact form or the contact details listed there.