It may start with an emotion, a feeling, an imprecise idea. Neidfaktor will help you to make this idea real and to put your expectations and desires into practice. As an established company, we have the imagination, creativity and competence to fulfil your dream of a personalised car. We take your car to the next level, going beyond the limits that hold back most manufacturers as they yield to the demands of the masses. We refine and upgrade in line with your expectations, at the highest level and down to the smallest detail. Leather, carbon, wheels and suspension can all be part of those expectations, and our services encompass tailored design concepts, perfectly matched individual components and, where necessary, complete rebuilds. Our craftsmanship drives quality — quality that you can experience.

Have you just bought your dream car? Or are you getting ready to order it? You’d like it personalised in ways that are not available as factory options? You’ve come to the right place!

Helge Busemann, CEO

We customise and refine cars. Any car, independent of any brand.

We will make your dream of a personalised car come true. We refine and upgrade vehicles of any brand to match your expectations. From a design for a tailored concept to finely tailored individual components and even a complete rebuild, our team of professional saddlers and upholsterers will fulfil whatever wishes you may have.

The choice of material is as decisive as the way it is used. Learn more about our saddlery and the materials we use, find inspiration fromour blog showing customer dreams that we have already fulfilled, or  get in touch with us to discuss your own individual concept.

This page gives you an overview of the possibilities for making your dream of more individuality into a reality. Discover what we do. Get a feel for our standards of quality. Be inspired by our passion for perfection — down to the smallest detail.

Leather Products

Original manufacturer’s leather in the complete range of colours and textures ensure seamless integration of all components in your vehicle’s interior. We can make anything possible, whether it’s Alcantara, fine nappa leather or artificial leather; red, black, white or yellow stitching; sporty and dynamic, elegant and classic, or individually extravagant. More about our  manufacturing process..

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Artistic craftsmanship. Made in Germany!