the Saddlery

Craft as the engine for quality

Our in-house upholstery specialists guarantee that the leather is processed to the highest quality. The choice of material is just as crucial as its processing. We use only manufacturers’ materials. This is the only way to ensure that even individual part orders fit seamlessly into a factory-fitted interior concept. Whether alcantara, suede, fine nappa leather or imitation leather. Whether red, black, white or yellow stitching – anything is possible. We offer you the opportunity of a holistic development.

An interior as unique as you

Diamonds-, honeycomb- or rhombus shapes?

Which pattern do you prefer? Either you are guided by a pattern of one of the large manufacturers or you design your own individual one to your liking. Whether rhombus shapes, honeycombs or diamonds – our designs are exact and CNC-controlled.

Embossing and embroidering: Your logo on the headrest, door panel or mat? No problem! We turn your logo into a CNC-milled cliché and apply it onto the desired part.

RS–honeycomb pattern

any pattern for any seat

Creativity steering

The steering wheel is the one item in your car that you hold in your hands every single day. This is why it is very important for it to feel good to be touched. We offer you the opportunity to custom-design your steering wheel to your specifications. Experience creativity and choose your desired combination from a variety of high-quality materials.

  • Sporty and dynamic! Mark the starting point of the steering angle with a colored top marker.
  • Shift paddle extensions made from carbon allow for precise gear shifts and a sporty design.
  • Handles covered in alcantara for a sporty look.
  • The lower part of the steering wheel is carbon-coated, reminiscent of motor racing.
  • Air leather is always a good choice in order to get the original look.
  • Do you prefer the circumference of your steering wheel to be slightly thicker? We are happy to bolster it up for you.
  •  Precisely fitted seams and beading guarantee a perfect blend even if the material changes.
  • Choose your preferred seam color from a large selection.

Experience individuality: Whether carbon, leather or a mix of these materials. Always keep a firm grip on your steering wheel! Whether ambitiously sporty with colored „top marker“ or calm and elegant with a finely coordinated leather color – we offer the right combination for every driver.


  • ORIGINAL YARN COLOURS: we purchase our yarn directly from the producer. This enables us to offer any yarn colours which can originally be found within your interior, ex factory. If you wish to change something belatedly, the new item will fit in seamlessly to existing interior parts.
  • ORIGINAL PRODUCER’S LEATHER: whether Alcantara, leather or air-leather. No matter if black, green, or blue – purchase our leather directly from the producer and guarantee perfect quality in texture, shape and colour.
  • EMBOSSMENT & EMBROIDERY: your logo on the head rest, door trim or door mat? No problem with NEIDFAKTOR! We create a CNC-milled printing plate from your logo and emboss it on the desired part.