Shipping toCategory A – small itemsCategory B – Items with outsizeCategory C – very large items

Our shop chooses for you automatically the lowest shipping category. Order as many items as you want, it will be charged only once for shipping.

Shipping Category A: Small items. It can be sent up to 3 products in category A, only from the 4th article of category A, the next shipping Category B is used.

Shipping Category B: Article oversized, due to the size of some parts the shipping costs increases. They are identified with the category B and up to 2 items in category A is provided for free.

From two articles in the Category B or a product in category B plus 3 products for category A is the category C used

Shipping Category C: Oversized Items: Category A and B items are provided for free.

Order multiple items and save on shipping!

For deliveries in Non EU countries you have to pay taxes and fees.
For more information, visitimport VAT exspecially for Switzerland