„The First“ (Audi RS6)


The idea of refining the new RS6 arose directly after its presentation in 2013. First photos of the automobile hypothesized that it would be again about an impressive car from Audi. Our wish to set this car apart its standard configuration arose. The first project planning concerning a refinement concept for the interior and exterior design began.

Quickly it became clear that NEIDFAKTOR’s character should be reflected within this project and the consequent further development of the standard concept. By the application of leather and carbon, NEIDFAKTOR created an automobile which possesses interior luxury and the look-and-feel of a limousine. Its exterior unites speed with beauty without forfeiting an Audi Avant’s practical features.

Following the company’s philosophy, NEIDFAKTOR set its focus on the high quality of the raw materials and its qualitative processing. The raw materials carbon and leather The original raw materials in texture and colour were necessary to enhance the standard configuration consequently. Through its honeycomb structure in crimson stitching, the factory-made delivered sport seats purported the basic concept. Together with the carbon inlays in the doors and dashboard, this concept provided the basis of NEIDFAKTOR’s refinement. The well-considered combination of materials let the overall result appear plausible and coherent.

The basic concept of the RS6’s interior is: leather, Alcantara and glossy carbon – adorned with a crimson stitching. By usage of carbon in a matt „finish“, the exterior has been restrained refined.