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The brand Capristo is one of the global leading brands for flap exhaust systems. These exhaust systems do not only improve the sound of your car but also boost the performance noticeably. The systems are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel which results in weight savings as well as in longevity of the system. The systems are manufactured custom-fit which allows a smooth installation. By the use of the comfortable remote control and the integrated dynamic pressure control, the exhaust system adapts optimal to your driving style. You may change the sound of your car arbitrarily at the push of a button and react to any situation at any time.

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NEIDFAKTOR is official Capristo retailer of all brands and models and will be glad to submit you an offer without obligation. We can offer you many systems already including a goods vehicle test certificate (German Technical Control Board), so that you may use your Capristo exhaust system legally within the German road traffic. Assure yourself of these systems’ distinctive sound.


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Custom-made products are our passion. We refine products for you within the scope of our skills. Whether individual luggage or Carbon-refined decoration items – we will be glad to advise you.

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Car wrapping is not only a new paint job!

Car wrapping is more like a low priced alternative to a new paint job, it goes beyond this point. You may not only fit your car with your individually preferred colour or holohedral advertising motive but also save a fair amount of money and sustain your car’s value.

  • Varnish protection: the lamination acts as a second skin protection for the car’s varnish. You may also opt for a special Carprotect coating.
  • Individuality: discover the possibilities and choose between many impressive colour- and texture car wrappings.
  • Conservation of value: the residue-free removal of the laminations guarantee that the varnish will look brand-new at car’s sale.
  • Quality: experience and expert-knowledge as well as the selection of the best materials guarantee a professional finish.
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