You have to live and understand carbon fiber:
We have mastered the complex process of carbon coating to perfection. This guarantees products of the highest quality. Experience the feel and appearance of this extraordinary material from the world of motor sports and encounter new levels of quality.

We know the specific textile structure.

Whether it‘s Porsche, Ferrari, Audi or other manufacturers. We are familiar with the specific textures – this guarantees a seamless integration of the parts we have carbon coated into the existing concept. Many procedural steps are necessary, combining heat, pressure and carbon fibers to create a surface which is not only highly aesthetically pleasing but is just as durable.


Diversity almost without limits

If interior or exterior – we refine almost every parts.

Almost every part can be finished by us in this way. Our online shop contains a wide range of different products listed by vehicle type. Should you be unable to find your product, we are more than happy to create it for you!

 Audi R8 diffusor

Audi RS3 console

Audi RS3 rear seat shells

Examples of our product range